I own two rental properties and wondered if there would be any advantage to putting my adult daughter on the deed with me?

Asked in Massachusetts

Does the fact that my daughter is on the deed make it easier for her to sell the property when I die?


Yes, adding a child onto a deed will avoid having the asset go through probate. However, it does comes with risks. What if your daughter predeceases your? Do you want it to pass to her surviving spouse or held for her children or another of your family?  What if her children are still young? What if she is sued or divorces? She now owns your assets as well. Her creditors can take away what she owns.

You should consider placing the real estate in a trust to avoid probate. The transfer of ownership after you death is just as seamless as joint ownership without the risks. A trust will also plan out what happens to the assets if she passes before you.

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