Yoga teacher could be fired for being ‘too cute’

A Manhattan yoga teacher who claimed her female boss fired her because the boss’s husband thought she was attractive can’t bring a lawsuit for unjust termination, a judge has ruled.

Dilek Edwards worked as a yoga instructor and massage therapist at a chiropractic clinic owned by Stephanie Adams – a former Playboy model – and her husband, Charles Nicolai.

Edwards apparently had given Nicolai some massages, and Nicolai praised her work and told her that his wife might become jealous because she was “too cute.”

Shortly afterward, Adams sent Edwards an obscene text telling her she was no longer welcome at the clinic and to stay away from her husband.

Edwards sued Adams and the clinic. She argued that she was fired because of sex discrimination, inasmuch as the firing wouldn’t have happened if she were a man.

But the judge said that Adams’ behavior, while it might have been “abhorrent,” was nevertheless legal because she was motivated by jealousy of one specific person rather than a general dislike of women.

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