Moving out? Record your home on your smartphone

If you’re getting divorced and you’ll be moving out while your spouse stays in the house, it’s a good idea to use your smartphone to make a video record of the home at the time you left it.

For one thing, you might not be able to take everything that’s important to you with you at the time you move, especially if you’re going to a smaller place. And once you move out, you’ll have little control over the home’s maintenance and upkeep.

As a result, whether accidentally or on purpose, your spouse might throw out, destroy or sell belongings of yours that have significant monetary or sentimental value. Your spouse might also let the house fall into disrepair, or there might be some damage to the home, which could lower its value.

Without a video record of the condition of the home at the time you left, it can be hard to establish what things were there and what issues are your spouse’s responsibility.

At a time when nobody else is home, record yourself walking through the house, both inside and outside, noting the condition of the property and filming any items that are important to you and discussing them on the video. This can be very helpful to an appraiser later.

You should also include a shot of that day’s newspaper, noting the date, so your spouse can’t claim the inventory was made earlier than it really was.

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