Father must help pay for daughter’s car insurance

When Tom and Deirdre Fichter divorced, Tom was ordered to pay the amount required by the New Jersey child support guidelines for the couple’s daughter Megan.

Years later, Megan turned 16 and began driving. Deirdre went back to court and asked that Tom start contributing extra to cover the cost of adding Megan to her auto insurance policy.

Tom complained that he was already paying the guidelines amount, and it wasn’t fair to add an additional expense on top of that.

But a judge sided with Deirdre, and ordered Tom to pay half the cost of the insurance in addition to what he was already paying.

The judge said this was fair, given that insurance is expensive, it’s legally required by the state, and the cost wasn’t necessarily considered when the guidelines were drawn up.

However, the judge said that once Megan turns 18, Tom could go back to court and ask that Megan herself contribute some fair amount toward the cost of the insurance.

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