School bus must go to both parents’ homes

A school bus must pick up and drop off children at both of their divorced parents’ homes, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court recently decided.

In this case, the father and mother shared legal custody of their daughter, alternating on a weekly basis.

Until 2010, the school district had provided bus transportation to both homes. But that year, in order to cut costs, the district announced that it would only bus students to one location. As a result, the school would only bus the girl to and from her mother’s home, since her mother’s address was listed on the school paperwork.

The father – who ended up  having to hire a nanny to drive his daughter in the morning – sued the district.

According to the court, if both parents live in the district, the student spends equal time with each parent, and a bus already serves each neighborhood, the district could accommodate the child without adding further costs.

The court added that the state legislature and education department intended for districts to provide transportation to both residences in situations like this one in order to promote the goal of mandatory school attendance.

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