Facebook page becomes weapon in custody battle

Social media sites are among the latest weapons that spouses are using to gain leverage in divorce and custody battles. A recent case from New York illustrates how.

A father who was fighting for custody of a four-year-old boy went to court with details from his wife’s Facebook page. The page was full of photos and status updates showing her sightseeing in Italy and eating seafood in Boston, which the father used to claim that she was frequently traveling out-of-state while he was busy raising their son.

The mother objected, arguing that the court shouldn’t be able to look at the profile because she kept it private and because she had “unfriended” her husband before they separated.

But a judge sided with the father, saying the amount of time each parent spent with the child could be important to the custody issue, and the Facebook page was relevant evidence.

This goes to show that anyone who is involved in a divorce needs to be very careful with social media, because what you publish about yourself could potentially be used against you in a dispute over custody or property division.

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