Frankie Valli wins in divorce life insurance dispute

The California Supreme Court recently handed a big victory to Frankie Valli, the lead singer of The Four Seasons, in a dispute over life insurance with his ex-wife Randy.

While they were married, Frankie bought a life insurance policy and named Randy as the sole owner and beneficiary. A year later, the couple divorced. Randy claimed that since she was the sole owner, she should get to keep the entire policy, which was worth $365,000.

But Frankie argued that even though Randy was named as the sole owner, the policy was purchased with joint funds, so half of it belonged to him.

The California high court sided with Frankie. It said Frankie could have the entire policy, as long as he paid Randy $182,500 for her one-half share.

After the court victory, it’s not clear whether Frankie warned Randy that “Big Girls Don’t Cry.”

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