Couple ordered to reveal passwords for dating sites, Facebook

A judge in Connecticut ordered a divorcing couple to give each other their passwords to Facebook, eHarmony, and, and not to delete any information from the sites.

While this is a highly unusual step, it shows how increasingly relevant social media and dating websites are to divorce cases…and it’s yet another reminder that people who are contemplating divorce shouldn’t post anything online that they wouldn’t want to be revealed during the divorce proceedings, because they might well be.

Stephen Gallion claimed that he found some information on his wife Courtney’s computer that would be relevant to his argument that he should get full custody of the couple’s children. He asked for Courtney’s passwords, believing that there might be additional information on password-protected websites, and he claimed Courtney immediately began trying to delete information.

That’s when a judge got involved and told the pair to exchange passwords and not to remove anything from the websites.

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