Employer sued for retaliating against former employee

Employers can face serious legal consequences if they retaliate against an employee for calling attention to discriminatory practices. But in some cases, the same is true if a company retaliates against a former employee.

Take the case of a magazine editor in Massachusetts who was a part owner of the company that published the magazine. He lost both his job and his shares in the company after an ownership dispute.

As part of his termination agreement, the company agreed to pay him $14,000 each quarter for four years.

Sometime after he left, another former employee sued the company for disability discrimination. The editor filed a court document supporting her claim.

When the company found out, it stopped making his quarterly payments.

The editor sued under a state law that prohibits retaliating against a worker for participating in a discrimination case.

The highest court in Massachusetts allowed the lawsuit, saying the law didn’t require a retaliation victim to be a current employee in order to sue.

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