Father loses custody due to over-scheduling children

A New York judge recently awarded a mother primary custody of a couple’s two children in part because the lifestyle the father had created for them was overly scheduled and exhausting. The father centered the children’s life around tennis. He woke them at 6 a.m. for a half-day of school, after which they spent six hours at a tennis program, returning home after 9:30 each night. On weekends, the children – aged five and ten – participated in tennis school and/or tournaments.

The court said that the father “has displayed poor decision-making regarding his minor children in continuing with this grueling daily schedule despite the fact that the children are constantly tired, regularly late to school, their school work is suffering, and their tennis appears to be negatively impacted.” The court added that the children’s “daily schedule…is overly burdensome, exhausting and completely unacceptable.”

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